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Stow Away Travel Kit | Travel Gifts

Stow Away Travel Kit

Travel Face Towels | Travel Gifts

Travel Face Towels

Ear plugs | Travel Gifts

Ear plugs

Weekender Wash Kit | Travel Gifts

Weekender Wash Kit

Spectacle Repair Kit | Travel Gifts

Spectacle Repair Kit

Damn Handsome shave kit | Travel Gifts

Damn Handsome shave kit

Surfer Pamper Kit | Travel Gifts

Surfer Pamper Kit

Roadie - Pick Poison, 16oz | Travel Gifts

Roadie - Pick Poison, 16oz

Roadie - Paddle Canoe, 16oz | Travel Gifts

Roadie - Paddle Canoe, 16oz

Roadie - Apothecary, 16oz | Travel Gifts

Roadie - Apothecary, 16oz

Roadie - May The Bridges, 16oz | Travel Gifts

Roadie - May The Bridges, 16oz

Roadie - Beer, 12oz | Travel Gifts

Roadie - Beer, 12oz

Roadie - Hemmingway, 12oz | Travel Gifts

Roadie - Hemmingway, 12oz

Roadie - Live To Ride, 12oz | Travel Gifts

Roadie - Live To Ride, 12oz

Enamel Mug - Brave & True - Men's Society | Travel Gifts

Enamel Mug - Brave & True

Enamel Mugs Duo - Apothecary - Men's Society | Travel Gifts

Enamel Mugs Duo - Apothecary

Personalised No Touch Tool - EDC Brass | Travel Gifts

Personalised No Touch Tool - EDC Brass

Stay Safe Pandemic Kit | Travel Gifts

Stay Safe Pandemic Kit

Commuter survival Kit | Travel Gifts

Commuter survival Kit

Travel Safe Kit | Travel Gifts

Travel Safe Kit

Night Away Travel Kit | Travel Gifts

Night Away Travel Kit

Travel Shoe Cleaning kit | Travel Gifts

Travel Shoe Cleaning kit


These hand made travel gifts are ideal for the weary traveller. Whether they're up front in first class or at the back in the cheap seats, these gifts will make the journey even more exciting. Anybody who loves to travel will be over the moon with these gift sets. Whether they're going skiing, mountain climbing or relaxing on a sunny beach (lucky them!) there are gift ideas here just for them.

Travel Gift Guide

For backpackers or people who prefer to travel light, the Rise And Shine traveller's wash kit is a compact and practical choice. It has a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss harps, natural eye cream and an eye mask. So they will look a lot fresher than they feel.

The Stow Away Travel Kit is hand-luggage friendly. Enough to keep the eager traveller supplied with face wash, face cream, face towels, toothpaste and a toothbrush. It comes in a rugged storage tin to keep their wash-kit protected from the bumps and crushes of international travel.

If you know somebody making the trip of a lifetime to see the Northern Lights, treat them to a Stargazing Kit. Everything they will need for an unforgettable night under the stars. It even has a hip flask. Because why not?

Need a surf gift? Our Surfer Survival Kit is made by hand to delight anybody who's about to hit the waves. It comes with surfboard wax, washing essentials and even a shark bite bandage. It pays to be prepared.

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