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Hangover Recovery Kit - Overdid It On The Gin | Gin Accessories

Hangover Recovery Kit - Overdid It On The Gin


We’re so pleased gin is having its well-deserved moment in the limelight. Cast aside as a favourite of your granny and her pals, it’s no longer embarrassing to order a gin and tonic instead of a pint or a whiskey in the pub. We’re pleased to report our palates have become a little more sophisticated. Specialist paired tonic water, craft gins and dried botanicals to complement it please.

This much-needed gin renaissance means our Saturday night gin at home has similarly been elevated to something much more covetable. We’ve created a collection of must-have gin themed gifts and accessories to complement that at-home gin drinking experience.

We’ve suffered at the hands of a watered down G&T more times than we care to remember. Your barman enthusiastically fills the glass to the brim with beautiful ice cubes, ensuring a wonderfully chilled drink. He proudly presents it you you, and it looks great. Insta-worthy. Meanwhile you cringe at the watery mouthful you’ll be left with, taking up precious gin space. Nah. Improve your experience with Gin Cooling Stones, chiselled from volcanic soapstone, they chill beautifully without diluting. So you get a refreshing gin and tonic every time. They’re reusable too, and ideal for travelling when you want to avoid ice.

For the adventurous amongst you, there’s the Gin Lover Accessory & Tasting Set. This one is perfect for a night in gin tasting and deciding on your favourites spirits. With juniper berries, star anise and hibiscus flowers, you can elevate your drink to something worthy of the coolest city gin saloons. Use the notebook to score your mixing efforts and make a note of your favourites for your next gathering.