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Father's Day Cycling Gifts

Bike Rider's Survival Kit | Father's Day Cycling Gifts

Bike Rider's Survival Kit


Browse our fantastic collection of gifts for cyclists. Whether they are two-wheeled commuters or competitive road racers, our cycling gifts have something for every lycra-clad hero.

If they are more at home in the Tour De France peloton than on the sofa, road biking enthusiasts will love our personalised Sportsman Recovery Kit. Invigorating muscle rub, relaxing bath oil and that essential stretching elastic. All in one handy gift set for road cyclists.

Weekend mountain bike enthusiasts are certain to smile at our Middle Aged Man In Lycra gift set. It’s the go-to gift set for any middle aged man who loves his bike. Everything that any cyclist could need (except their bike and a helmet, obviously!).

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about gifts for men who ride their bike to work. The Ride and Shine Bike Shower Kit should make them more bearable to colleagues at nearby desks. It’s the perfect gift for bike-rage riders who just wish the cars and buses would get off the roads during rush hour.