How To Style Your Hair Like Frankie From Love Island


He landed on your TV screen on the show Love Island, and Frankie Foster's hair wooed the nation. Here's the good news - it's not too difficult to replicate. Here's how.

The first thing you need to know is that his cut is a modified Pompadour. That's key knowledge, because now you can get to copying. 

Start with towel dried hair. But make sure it's washed. He didn't get that well groomed by shower-dodging. Grab some hair wax and push the sides backwards. 

Next, use a hairdryer to lift some length on top, then a rounded brush to set the height. Move the brush slowly from the back of your head towards the front. Keep rotating it backwards, so that it picks up the hair from the front and curls it towards the back. If your hair is long enough, it will flop backwards and over to one side.

Finally, set it in place with a few good blasts of hairspray. You don't want it solid, so don't spray for too long!

Unless you're as handsome as he is with hair that naturally perfect... we can't guarantee you're going to look this good!