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Shave brush from Men's Society

Here's why you should be using a shave brush


When you shave, do you stand in front of a mirror and rub your shaving cream on with your hands? Promise us you'll never do that again. It's probably the worst possible thing you could do. You would actually be better off filling a bowl with shave cream and dipping your face in it. Like apple bobbing for adults.

That sounds messy so there's a better way. Grab yourself a shave brush. It will revolutionise the way you shave. Here's why:

When you rub shave cream on with your hands, you flatten the hairs onto your skin. Then, when the razor comes along, you don't cut the hairs from their base. Even worse, you sometimes press the hairs down into the skin. The end result: razor bumps.

A shave brush is different. It doesn't flatten the hairs. It coats them evenly from all angles. It can even flick some hairs upright which have folded over into their roots. This results in an even shave, where each hair is cut from the root. Resulting in fewer razor bumps. 

It's a quick fix but it will revolutionise your shave.