This blog is our one distraction from making hand-made gifts and accessories for men. Occasionally, one of us takes a little break from the daily routine and writes about something that interests us. It's usually whatever we were discussing in the office that morning. We can't guarantee these posts will be particularly serious. But hopefull you'll at least find them interesting.

Harry Kane's Face Is On A Five Pound Note

If you find one of the Harry Kane £5 notes, you could be about to get very rich. Six of them have been put in circulation after he won the golden boot in the World Cup and fans are probably going to make them very valuable indeed.

Introducing the Michelada Beer Cocktail | Delicious & Easy Recipe

We're having the hottest summer we can remember. The grass is dead, pavements are melting but BBQ season is alive and well. Throw together this cocktail and you will be the instant BBQ King.

How To Survive A Hot Office In The Heatwave

In case you haven't noticed, it is really bloody hot . Over 30 °C in Britain this week (that's 86 Fahrenheit if you're one of our American friends). We're a nation of rain-sufferers. We aren't cut out for this. So, we've taken a quick break to put together a guide to surviving a hot office in the heatwave.

Twenty One Pilots Are Playing UK Dates (And We're Very Excited)

Stressed Out is our Monday Morning Anthem. Heathens was the best (ok, maybe second best) song of the Suicide Squad film. Now Twenty One Pilots are coming to the UK and we are very excited.

The Tour De France Diet | Burn 105k Calories In 21 Days

Tour De France Diet

All the best exercises involve sitting down. Some genius men in questionable lycra have created the perfect diet-and-exercise regime that lets you burn a massive 105,000 calories in 21 days

That's big stuff. This is how you can do it.

How To Clean Chewing Gum From The Bottom Of Your Shoe

How To Clean Chewing Gum From The Bottom Of Your Shoe

Nothing ruins your stride like a big glob of gum cementing itself to the sole of your shoe. It doesn't matter if you're a 10 stone hard-man. One look at that and we guarantee you're going to feel sick. Retching is the soundtrack of this cleaning process.

We've stood on our fair share of gum in our time. These are our fool-proof tips for getting gum off the bottom of your shoe (without actually touching it).

How To Stop Your Fingers From Hurting While You Type

Hoe to stop finger pain while you type

If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, you'll know this feeling. 

It's a strange dull ache that starts just above your knuckles and slowly moves up your fingers; along the fleshy bits and through the joints. Eventually, the ends of your fingers start to feel a bit numb.

We've finally found out how to avoid it!

How To Style Your Hair Like Frankie From Love Island

He landed on your TV screen on the show Love Island, and Frankie Foster's hair wooed the nation. Here's the good news - it's not too difficult to replicate. Here's how.

Here's why you should be using a shave brush

Shave brush

When you shave, do you stand in front of a mirror and rub your shaving cream on with your hands? Promise us you'll never do that again