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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is finally in cinemas and it's an absolute smash. Fast cars, beautiful women, Elton John swearing... it's got it all.

When most men leave the cinema after watching an action film; they start their car, lean the seat back and drive it like they stole it. Suddenly, the journey is a chase scene and the other motorists are the bad guys. But not this film.

When men leave the cinema after watching Kingsman, they won't be fantasizing about speed. They'll be dreaming of owning a brand new tailored suit.

Saville Row's finest cloth-cutters may not be too concerned about a sudden spike in demand (where a bespoke suit starts at £4,500) but for the wealthy among us; that Kingsman fantasy can really come true.

That tailor's shop in the film is actually a real place on Savile Row called Huntsman - and it actually is that amazing inside:

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"Huntsman served as the inspiration for Matthew Vaughn’s blockbuster movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. During an appointment with his cutter, Vaughn, taken by the history on display at 11 Savile Row, imagined moving beyond the walls of the fitting room, with the legendary premises acting as a smokescreen for his team of spies, the Kingsmen. September 2017 saw our 11 Savile Row headquarters return to the silver screen for Vaughn’s thrilling sequel: Kingsman: The Golden Circle." - Huntsman website

Want to step inside the real Kingsman fitting room?

"Viewers will recognise our shop front, iconic stags’ heads and fitting room, with its familiar wood panelling, coat hooks and three-ways mirror — now called the Kingsman fitting room. Become a Kingsman yourself and be transported by this iconic fitting room."

September 25, 2017 by Men's Society