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Kevin is about to punch another grown man in the face and they've both paid handsomely for the pleasure. 

Welcome to the world of White Collar Boxing, it's the 'Fight-club' of middle-management and it's a craze.  A sport born in America - now spreading over Britain at speed - wherever you are in either country, you're likely to find a white collar boxing class in your local town. 

White collar boxing
Now Kevin is a real person and he really did have a go at white collar boxing. He agreed to talk to us as long as we didn't tell you his real name. So here's his chat:

Did it work? Did you get fit?
It worked a treat. I went to a boxing gym under some railway arches in south east London. My trainer was huge. And sh*t scary. So I did everything he said. 

How did the fight go?
It was a fairly bad night out. Months of training, then after 6 minutes of getting beaten up I was declared the loser. 

So, are you going to do it again?

Ah. Would you recommend it to anyone else?
The training was good. But paying for an angry stranger to punch me in the face was less good. So no.

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Gym rats.
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April 26, 2017 by Men's Society

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