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It's running season! The London marathon is this weekend and the roads are full of bouncing, sweaty, hazardous middle aged moobs.

Obviously, we'd much rather be watching the marathon than running it because we're weak and cowardly, but if you're into chafing and blisters, we've got you covered.

From the collection

Sportsman recovery kit

Sexy vest

Recovery kit

Suitable For:
Relaxing after a tough workout.
Flicking the elastic band at people.

Not Suitable For:

Carrying around to pretend you did a workout.
Throwing at people. Just flick them with a towel.

Genuine 80s running vest (used)

Suitable For:
Looking like a proper runner.
Attracting attention to yourself.
Smelling like someone else's 30 year old sweat.

Not Suitable For:

The fashion conscious.
Cold days.
The faint hearted.

Flashy shoes

Sneaker cleaning

Shoe flashers

Suitable For:
Running in the dark.
Flagging down aircraft.
Illegal raves. 

Not Suitable For:

Brightly lit areas.
Anyone who's grown out of flashing trainers.

Sneaker cleaning kit

Suitable For:
Keeping your shoes box fresh.
Pretending you bought new trainers.
Scraping dog shit off the soles.

Not Suitable For:
Using as beard oil (someone actually asked us that...)


April 21, 2017 by Men's Society

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