Five morse code expressions that every man must know

morse code

You can flush your iPhone. Morse code is still the coolest way to communicate. No discussion. These are the top five morse code sayings that every man needs to know.


. short tone

- double the length of the short tone

/ new letter

// new word

The space between two letters is equal to three dots.

The space between two words is equal to five dots.

Terribly dry (bring whiskey)

Undeniably essential. Incredibly useful. A heart-breaking plea for help. If you don't know this one, why did you even bring a morse code machine?

This is broken down into two letters: T and D.

Code: - / -..

More ice needed (the drinks are getting warm)

Some drinks are best served cold. Even in the tundra. 

We signify this with three letters: M, I and N.

Code: -- / .. / -.

Dangerous animal approaching

Less important than the first two. Also, by the time you've tapped it out, you're probably dead anyway. Still, worth knowing.

We indicate this with the letters S, H, I and T.

Code: ... / .... / .. / -

Let's call it a day (it's getting cold)

Even the most intrepid explorers get fed up eventually. 

We portray this with the letters S, O, D, I and T.

Code: ... / --- / -.. // .. / -


As soon as you tell anyone you know morse code, they'll ask you to do this one. You'll never use it in real life but it's a great show-off opportunity.

Code: ... / --- / ...

The full alphabet

A .-

B -...

C -.-.

D -..

E .

F ..-.

G --. 

H ....

I ..

J .---

K -.-

L .-..

M --

N -.

O ---

P .--.

Q --.-

R .-.

S ...

T -

U ..--

V ...-

W .--

X -..-

Y -.--

Z --..


April 11, 2017 by Men's Society

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